Nokia gets its first phone of 2020 FCC-approved

The Nokia 1 series might have a new generation. (Source: Mobigh)Nokia has certified a new phone for use in the United States. Based on the specs leaked as a result of this new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) documentation, it may have a relatively small screen – about 5.6 inches at most. Therefore, it may most likely be a 1-series device for this new year.

HMD Global’s brand Nokia may be gearing up to get all it can out of its 2020.

For example, it already seems to have a smartphone launch planned. Evidence of this has cropped up on the FCC’s database, which now has a new entry with the model number TA-1207.This number does conform to Nokia’s normal convention for smartphones. Its new certification reveals that it has dimensions of about 5.77×70 inches in total, suggesting that it could accomodate a display panel of about 5.55 inches in total.In addition, the new phone is listed as having a battery of 2920mAh in capacity, has LTE/Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth. All in all, these specs add up to a budget phone along the lines of the Nokia 1 or its successors.Then again, these phones do have the advantage of a reputation for timely Android updates, at least. Therefore, this new launch may be a positive thing for those looking for a new, economically-friendly device in the US this year.

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