When you activate your portable device, your mobile SIM card tries to attach with any of the market network. Once it finds a supported network it tries to create a network association between your mobile telephone and also the nearest tower. Throughout this association negotiation, your SIM transfers some internal data to the network operator like your mobile IMEI range, mobile model, version etc.

This implies your mobile operator keeps the record of your mobile telephone range anytime you are attempting to make change on your mobile telephone and use their service

Now if you’ve lost your mobile telephone or your phone has been purloined, you’ll have to contact your network provider to dam your IMEI range. They may require you to provide a Police FIR copy, do as they say and at last ask them to dam your IMEI range.Mobile network suppliers use a shared hosting service for obstruction of IMEI numbers, which suggests if you’ve asked network ‘Airtel’ to dam your mobile telephone, it mechanically gets blocked by network ‘VodaFone’, ‘Reliance’, ‘Idea Cellular’ etc.Now once that crook can activate your mobile telephone, no service suppliers can permit it to create any reference to them.

It doesn’t matter if he modifies

the mobile SIM card, since SIM card requests for the service with IMEI range and a blocked IMEI range telephone are going to be unheeded and also the mobile can become a useless toy.If you recognize somebody from any mobile network, you should additionally ask them to search out the mobile range that’s getting used that your IMEI range. This way you’ll get the mobile range that the crook is exploitating on your telephone.

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